The client is a leading real estate development company in India. One of their township projects has a facility management service for billing tenants and apartment owners for utility, gas and water usage.

Problem Statement

There are 4000 apartments in the township and it is infeasible to go door to door to measure readings of the water, gas and utility meters. This leads to inconsistent measurements and reduced payment collections.

Business Impact

15% increase in payment collection
5% reduction in operational cost saved due to automated data collection Solution Given

Soluction Given

  • IoT Hub provide secured authentication for smart meters and cloud connectivity.
  • Admin Module to configure meters.
  • Analytics engine for setting business rules.
  • MIS engine for custom reporting.
  • Dashboards for Real-Time usage analytics.
  • Mobile app for apartment owners for checking usage and making payments

Key Technologiesa And Platforms

  • Laravel
  • Azure Cosmos DB
  • Azure Iot Hub