Artificial Intelligence and Deep Learning have covered many innovative pathways that uncover different transformations in every sector and optimizing the customer identification process is one of them.

What is the customer identification process?

The customer identification process is known as KYC i.e. Know Your Customer or know your clients. It is the process of identification and authorization of the customer considering risk factors related to the business.
KYC is generally practiced by banking, financial institutions or government. However, some organizations are also practicing KYC to control the risk factors and ensure the anti-bribery compliant assessment with their customers.

Why need to optimize the customer identification process?

The increased regulatory cost incurred due to the customer identification process for an organization is one of the largest challenges that they are currently experiencing. The majority of organizations do not enjoy this process due to its’ complex nature.

Artificial Intelligence and Deep Learning to optimize customer identification process

AI can help automate the process of client profile verification, to enhance the due diligence process in an organization. Client risk profile can be verified in mere seconds against several databases and through the process of digital KYC powered by AI. This will ensure the need to ensure company standards for regulatory compliance.
Here are the benefits of Artificial Intelligence and Deep Learning to optimize the customer identification process.
  • Increased speed and accuracy of verification and significantly improves turn-around-time.
  • Collect KYC details once, obtain customer consent and use it many times.
  • Increase the accuracy of KYC verification and document checking.
  • Reduce losses by protecting your business against fraudulent activity.
  • Move staff from document verification to more value-added tasks.
  • Artificial Intelligence ensures the accuracy of validation improves over time compared to humans
  • Flexibility with on-site or cloud deployment, easily scalable with non-intrusive integration
At the end,
Artificial Intelligence and Deep Learning increase customer security and provide businesses an edge over the fraudsters. It enhances the human ability and will continue to do so to enable businesses to process information intelligently and prevent being scammed. While AI-powered systems are still needed to be refined, it is high time that the business entails AI-based solutions for better enhancement of their workflows.